The avant-garde WJC building in Milano is the exclusive location of ZYDO’s showroom and headquarters, offering a comfortable and luxurious space to his selected clientele. ZYDO’s elegant showroom embodies the excellence of Italian jewelry design and is a unique and extraordinary occasion to find out the most versatile and exclusive collections to satisfy any taste and desire in the marvelous world of high-end jewelry.

New York

Italian Jewellery of America Inc. – IJA is located at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 46th Street and distributes the ZYDO Collection in the United States. As sole and exclusive distributor of ZYDO in the USA, IJA ensures that ZYDO is displayed and sold only in the most exclusive retail locations.

Please be advised that any ZYDO branded store in Moscow, Russia is not an original ZYDO store and it has no links to ZYDO Italy or ZYDO S.r.l. The items on sale therein are not manufactured by ZYDO S.r.l. and have not been licensed or approved by ZYDO S.r.l.